Halal Information


Halal Development Corporation (HDC) was established on 18 September 2006 to co-ordinate the overall development of the industry with its main focus being the development of Halal standards, audit and certification, capacity building for Halal products and services as well as to promote and facilitate growth and participation of Malaysian companies in the global Halal market.

The company’s key primary focus is to unify the national Halal industry players to form the basis of a global halal community. This is aimed at facilitating the growth and participation of Malaysian businesses into the global Halal market, by promoting best Halal practices and the development of Halal standards for the world.

The HDC website enable you to get the information of :

1. What is halal

2. The introduction of HDC (Perbadanan halal Malaysia)

3. Halal Food Guide

4. Halal investment

5. Champions Programme for Halal SME

6. Halal Business Park

7. Global halal market

8. Halal e-numbers

9. Halal books

10. Halal Videos

11. Incentive for halal supply chain

12. Halal restaurant / hotel /resort

and more..